ESF Serre Chevalier
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Ski for children and youngers


For teenagers, Freestyle, or group lessons


Ski for adults of any level


Snowboard in group or private lessons for all


Any glides with ESF Serre Chevalier Briançon


Lunchtime Caring - Nursery

Lunchtime Caring : for any children, from 4 yol, registered in a lesson of Group of 8, possibility to be cared during lunchtime. 1 day = 22€ (meal included).

Lunchtime Caring for children in Group of 10 or 8
Lunchtime Caring 6 days 132 € ONLINE BOOKING
Lunchtime Caring 1 jour 22 € PHONE BOOKING ONLY

Contact info

'ESF Serre Chevalier Briançon - Contact

The ESF Serre Chevalier Briançon welcome and inform you : Every day from 8.45am to 6pm


ESF Serre Chevalier Briançon
Télécabine du Prorel
7, av René Froger, 05100 Briançon, FRANCE


: +33 (0)4 92 20 30 57