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Frequently Ask Questions

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You can also contact us every day :

  • from 8.45am to 6pm in winter season (beginning of december to end of april).
  • from 9am to 12pm in autumn.

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  • Where is located the French Ski School ESF Serre Chevalier ? +

    We are located in the Telecabine Prorel hall, at its start : top of escalator, in front of the Ski pass desks. Center town of Briançon.
  • Where are the meeting points for the ski and snowboard lessons ? +

    The meeting points are : Start of Prorel Telecabine for most of the group lessons. For the "Group of 6" lessons, the meeting point is at the 1st intermediate of Prorel cable car, but pupils can be also taken with the ski intructors at the bottom (11h50 and back at 14h10)
  • Do you accept children under 5 years old in your ski lessons ? +

    The Piou PIou Club is open to children from 3 to 4 years old. For the youners, please contact us.Important : children under 5 yol who have ever skied and got a ski level, must be registered in a Group of 8 or 6 formula, of ski level prepared.
  • For children under 6 years old, is the ski pass free ? +

    The ski pass is free for children under 6 years ol if : the child is registered in a lesson or if he is with an adult having a ski pass. Don't forget to bring a document to justify his age and a photo for a ski pass of more 2 days
  • Is the medal included in the 6 days course price ? +

    The medal is included in a formula of 5 or 6 days : after the last lesson (end of week), you can give it back to be reimburse of 6€ : ask us at the desk !
  • What is the maximum number of pupils in group lessons ? +

    The maximum number of pupils in group lessons depends of the choosen formula : Group of 6, or 8, or 10 . Please, have alook on the website to know more about these possibilities.
  • With which type of lessons can we buy a formula including the ski pass ? +

    You can get a formula ski or snowboard lessons + ski pass only for these lessons : for beginners to 2nd Star level (children) or Class 1 (adult) or Surf 1 (Snowboard). These ski passes can be sold with a formula or 6 days ski or snowboard lessons
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ESF Serre Chevalier Briançon
Télécabine du Prorel
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